Reinforce Your Practice
Tash Barnard
Class 4499

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AnotHer awesome class! I love the intention that you set to be aware of where your heart is . 💚  
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THANK YOU for this entire series!!! I will come back often to these reformer classes.
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I think a visit to S Africa to take classes in person with you Tash, post Covid, is needed!!! 
Thank you so much Tash for your Classes!... I have enjoyed sooo much... this one, with the Jumping Board is fantastic!!.... very organized, with all the BASI´s Blocks... I love it!!......
We love you, our body thanks you! x
It was a beautiful series, thank you Tash. 
This was a wonderful class. Thank you Tash!
Wonderful flow, wonderful mood, wonderful moves❤️Thank you Tash!! 
wow wheeeee! how fun was that! Thanks Tash
My first class with you!  I loved it!!  Thank you so much, I love the hearts intention too x

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