Beginner Series #10
Niedra Gabriel
Class 451

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Hi Ashley, so glad you are getting benefits from this class and work. High impact is great training but often our personal skeleton and movement range is not up to the demands so the weaker less funcional parts of the body do not get used and the stronger parts are over worked with eventual injury or discomfort. With time, as you get your spine back, and have a new understanding of how your body works with these structural alignment Pilates classes you may find that you can do high impact, but your personal awareness will be coming from a totally new more structured place. ( only if you have such a desire). For now, glad you are enjoying the classes, keep up with your training and enjoy the journey.

I so enjoyed this series! Made it through with a renewed sense of core and now I'm wondering where to go from here? Any suggestions? Thank you, Niedra. Amazing.
Eden, I am proud of you - you showed commitment and discipline and got the rewards from this. Good for you.
There are many wonderful classes on the PA website - just try some of them to see what suites you, I think I did an intermediate one myself a while back.
I should really do an intermediate series like this one for people like yourself who are ready for the next level.
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Niedra, yes pls do an intermediate series. Last year, I went through this 10 class series. Since then, I have gotten stronger and taken all your series 1 and 1/2 classes. I am a little nervous about moving on to level 2.
Ok ladies, I will see what we can do with this idea - I think it is a wonderful one. to have an introduction to intermediate and how to move from beginner level to intermediate.
Additionally, I find it easier to have one or two leaders. Because of the 10 session connection I know what you mean when you give direction without watching the TV constantly. Helps tremendously.
Yes please Niedra! I am nearly finished your beginner series, which is wonderful. I was thinking the same thing as the others about how it would be great to have an intermediate introduction series.
I agree with Eden that the continuity helps a lot, like being able to build up to something over several classes. I can do teaser now thanks to you!
Thank you kelly, I like the concept of creating a series called introduction to Intermediate material.
I just posted it on my desk to start designing it for the next time I get filmed. Very happy to know you all benefited from this series.
I loved it - she is a great instructor! Now onto Intermediate classes! Thank you for bringing this video series!
Good for you Julie, I am so glad you got benefit from this series. There should be some Intermediate classes on the website, I taught a few and of course there are many other teachers offering wonderful classes for you to keep going with.
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