Reformer Workout
Amy Havens
Class 455

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You have such nice dancers feet and legs.
Why thank you Kate!! :)
100 degrees in Florida - too hot for bike...this was perfect. As an "old" ballerina, loved the footwork. Combining this with your reformer "stretch" workout. Perfection. Thank you!
Thank you so much Jennifer.....yes us "old" ballerinas and dancers need to stick together! I love that you put this class together with the Reformer stretches too......that's what I've done many times!
Awesome class! Loved it:)
Thanks so much Kelly!
Just added this to the end of a mat workout. Definitely going to keep this up to hopefully avoid any extra holiday pounds!
Great idea Molly!!! Yes, it's a nice little burst of cario and flow, which can always help with some calorie burning! Glad y ou enjoyed it!
Loved this, Amy! I'm wondering how you were able to talk through the sequences!! Didn't quite get to 4 beats on the last one, but I'll keep trying!
Joy! Thanks for taking class with do I talk through the sequences...??? Practice!! :) Keep tring for those 4 beats.....I know I have to!
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