Level Up Mat
Delia Buckmaster
Class 4563

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I've done all 3 classes and I love them. Great cues and plenty of options if something isn't right. Very happy to have discovered Delis's classes!
This is a wonderful series! Delia is so clear and sensible. I’ve been doing each twice before the next week’s one, and I’m sure I’ll return to the whole series again and again.
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Great Class! I got a good workout, got stretched, sweated a bit, and had fun. Like Diana H & Holly J, i though her cues were clear and sensible. Looking forward to class 4. Thanks again Delia:) 
Super Class!! Loved all the brain coordination. Look forward to the rest of the series. Thank you
Absolutely loved this class!
Great class, thank you!

Terrific. Great workout that gave me some interesting new ways to think about movement while highlighting areas where I need to work. One of my favorites of the last year. I’ll use it again.
Delia delivers!!  As usual!
Another fabulous class, firing me up for the day.
Just what I needed today! thank you for a great class.
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