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Delia Buckmaster
Class 4577

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Good News.. Delia's Next Class is actually easier than this one. It's interesting how these isometrics look easy.. but are not! I also keep finding out from this and other classes, that side teaser is easy on my one side, and brutal on my other side. I really got a lot out of this class including sweat and shaking.  Thanks Again Delia:) 
Thank you, Delia- I really like how clear your guidance is for each movement and the excellent explanations as to what the purpose of the movement is after. You are wonderfully reassuring! You even gave me a hint my Achilles ache may be a tight hammie!
Delia, you are one of the very few instructors I don't have to watch(!), cueing is spot on as always. Great session and I will take my fav's and adapt for my rehab clients :) Thank you.
I love this series. I am in quarantine and I am just doing the classes over and over......
I’ve taken most of your classes, however this one was by far the most interesting and challenging one yet! I loved it!! 
Really enjoying your classes.  Great cues and building of components. Thank you. 
This was a brilliant class - I loved it! This class was perfect to balance the need to calm down with isometric, slow-paced exercises and to do demanding physical work during a stressful December. Thank you!
Thanks Delia this was a great class and really hard! Your cueing is always excellent!!
This was a super class thank you Delia. I am recovering from a C1 neck break and i really felt that even though this was a pretty tough class for me, i was able to find the right balance to strengthen and flex my neck.  Your neck cues really helped me.  thanks so much - tough and great.  I really feel like i have worked every part of my body.
Excellent class. It was hard but I feel great. Thank you Delia.
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