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Class 4682

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Totally loved this class Mariska. Its gone straight into my favourites playlist. I love , love , love the unilateral focus. Its really effective for my body and many clients also. Your humor and overall approach is absolute GOLD!
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Thank you, Mariska, for this fun and challenging stabilizing/unilateral session to start the day right. Feeling more centered now after your creative and fresh ways to use the reformer. This is one I will return to again and again. 
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What a fantastic class, Mariska. It was challenging and creative. Thank you for creating a new favorite class for me!
Thanks for all the feedback! This was not the class in the series I thought would get the most response! 
Excellent class. Excellent teaching and cues. 👍🏼😍🙏
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Such fun class with one of the coolest teachers,  thank Mariska!🙂🌷
Mariska, that was awesome, thank you!  I feel the nervous system on full alert and my ataxic and numb left side firing. Seeing someone with neurological condition performing these exercises, inspires me to dare and try, you give me courage. Thank you
Eva M yay!! I also have a numb left side. (Not yay), but I figure moving imperfectly is better than not moving at all. ❤️
Great Class Mariska. So many great sequences with balance and stabilization.
I liked the single leg strap work and all the quadruped exercises. Best wishes.
Mark Hamilton Thank you!! 
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