Teaser Madness
Ilaria Cavagna
Class 4731

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Loved your class. The “tease” your brain at the end was great.  Thank you so much! 
Kristine  Thank you Kristine! 😜 A teaser for body and mind!
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Great class. Lots of abs
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Great class but I think it should be a level 3 class. Very challenging but can be done with different variation levels. I definitely will do this class again. Thank you! 💪🏻💪🏻
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ilaria, such an exhilarating class! I will come back again and hopefully improve my quality of movement. Thank you!
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That was a lot of fun, challenging and creative. I really enjoyed this class. Thank you Ilaria
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Thank you for this creative and challenging class!
Francoise L Thank you! Yes... lots of abs 😉
Coco You are welcome! Yes, by repeating the class your body gets more comfortable with the execution 👍🏻 Thank you for joining the class Coco!
Tova A Super! You are very welcome 😘
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