Mat Workout in Japanese
Nagi Takahashi
Class 483

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Nagi-san! Anata wa subarashii sensei desu! Kono kurasu ga suki desu. Arigato gozaimasu
Matta ne,
Laura Lynn (from BASI Mentor program in June)
Interesting!! Very good class and yes it doesnt matter, the language does indeed transend. And I would have missed this had I not been exposed to it here on PA.!!
Thank you!! Next time I am in a foreign country such as Asia or Japan I wont be so shy to find a Pilates course. Jamie
lovely class! I enjoyed listening to your beautiful language!
Sugoi ne!!! Anata no kurasu wa ii ne!!!!! Domo arigato gozaimasu!!!
Wow! one of the most innovative and creatively flowing BASI mat classes I've seen on this site. More from her pls!
Calming and so beautifully executed. A masterfully simple presentation that had me working on execution and breathing. Arigato.
beautiful class, great instructions, language is no problem, you look great. thanks for sharing, blanche
Thanks again Nagi...I loved your class and I am loving reading the comments. Hi to everyone in Japan.
I wish I could speak Japanese to fully appreciate Nagi's instructions but nonetheless I loved the class!
Things were a little hectic and couldn't get on this site for awhile, and now I'm reading these warm messages.
I can't be any happier.
Thank you all so very much.

I look forward to doing another class!
In both languages maybe?!

Laura-Lynn and Nikita,
Thank you for posting your comments in Japanese. Your Japanese if fantastic.

Thanks to you too, these comments show that there is no language barrier through Pilates. I am so honored to be the first person doing a class other than English.
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