Beginner Foam Roller
Tom McCook
Class 5100

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Another amazing class!! Thank you 🙏
Karen M,  Thank you!! Kind regards
Thank you 🙏for a brilliant class, so intelligently put together and explained, loved it and will certainly keep coming to it😊
I loved the different exercises, the slow pace and the precision of each exercise. The cuing was marvelous and I really feel more aligned, stretched and well balanced. Thanks so much! 
Tamar E & Birgit N, thank you both for your thoughtful, inspiring feedback! Enjoy and all the best!!😊🙏
Thank you so much for this excellent class
I just finished this class. Tom, this was wonderful. It was the perfect combination of strength, stretch, and relaxation at the same time. I just loved it and added it to my favorites.
Cigdem A & SherryK,  Thank you both for your inspiring feedback! Enjoy and wishing you the best!😊🙏
Thank you Tom, So delighted to see new classes with you. 😊Looking forward to more 
Oceane G, Thank you, I appreciate your feedback. I just had 3 other NEW classes come out in the last month, Reformer, Mat and Mat with Gait. Take a look, I think you'd enjoy!
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