Functional Mat w/ Theraband
Tom McCook
Class 5101

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Hi Tom, I really enjoyed this class especially as you were so inventive in how to bring the band into traditional exercises. Can I ask the length of band you would recommend ? Thanks again for your calm inspiration.
Katherine C, Thank you for your feedback! I would recommend a 9ft to 11 ft band. When the band is longer, it gives you many more options to do full body movements especially standing. the Franklin Method blue band that I'm using can be purchased on, I believe it's 11ft.
Warm regards,
Thanks Tom
Fantastic class, as always, Tom.  Thank you for consistently teaching me something new about body awareness.  Loved the standing and resistance band work.  I’m recently diagnosed with osteopenia, so this is going into my regular rotation!
Lisa B, Thank you so much! I think this will be a great addition to help keep your bones stronger!! Be well and enjoy!
Thanks Tom - creative and inspiring as ever. I'm just getting back to teaching following surgery for breast cancer (I've just received the all clear), so I can modify this as appropriate. I love that after so many years teaching, there is always something new on PA. Thanks so much and a Happy New Year to you. Sarah
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I very much appreciate your clear instructions and explanations. Excellent workout. I have been sick in bed for several days and your classes are helping me  to safely regain my strength and mobility . Thank you!
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Sarah Edwards at Positive Pilates Solihull & Lavina M, Thank you both for sharing what you’ve been going through. I’m grateful to here my classes are serving you towards wellness and inspiration! Sending you my best!🤗🙏
Thank you Tom, absolutely fantastic.  I have been traveling and this is just what I needed.  Thank you for your brilliant cuing, simplistic, direct and so very effective!  
Joan B, Thank you for your inspiring feedback!! So great to hear it helped you land well after traveling!! Warm regards🙏
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