Mat Workout
Kara Wily
Class 515

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Love this !! I see this was filmed in 2011, but I would like to seePA challenge teachers to do this class!!!
Thanks, Maryann. Glad you liked it! Glad PA is having me back in October!
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wow! it was so challenging but very fun at the same time, thank you! I'm quite proud of myself I've done it!
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Great Hanna. I appreciate you joining me. I am glad you had a great workout too!
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As far as I know, the author and owner of One on One Mat is Kathi Ross-Nash! It would be worth mentioning! Please, enter Pilatesology; there's this workout; Kathi explains clearly how she got into this workout. It is Her Baby!!!!!!
well; it's been 6 years since this workout was published on PA; I am probably perceived like a fool, but it is Kathi's ... and nobody elses:(
Hello again Ewa, If you look in the description of the class, we directly credited Kathi when we released the video, 6 years ago (actually 2 days went by before we realized the credit was missing). This class is offered on PA with Kathi's permission and support. Thank you for making sure we are doing things right.
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Too fast ,it
Will compromise the a the quality of the moves x
Toughest class I have takes on pilatesanytime.
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