Upper Body Mat Basics<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 528

Upper Body Mat Basics
Niedra Gabriel
Class 528

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Liked doing the pilates exercises with weights!
The weights really made a difference for me in some of the exercises
Shoulders feeling open and great..thanks for another great class Niedra..loved the partners helping for rollover
FYI - This video is slightly miss-coded, it uses weights but says no props.
Claudia~ Thank you for your comment. I have added the weight.
This class is truly excellent -- great pace and instruction. Thank you.
Niedra Gabriel
Great that you enjoyed the class Marybeth. it is a pleasure.
I liked this class. working with props is much more fun. Thank you Niedra for this lovely class.
Can't get it to play in spite of reloading 4 times.
Stacie J
Hi, this was a great video until it froze. Bummer.
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