Reformer Workout
Niedra Gabriel
Class 564

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Hola Jennifer, Thank you for your comment - and I was just in San Jose! I taught a workshop in Equilibria, I am sure you know the studio. I LOVE Costa Rica - you are lucky to live there. I go once a year.
Oh yes I know the studio but I did not know you were here! I will make sure I can go next year, I live in San Jose so you're welcome here, anything I can help with let me know :)
I would love to email you about my future visits to Costa Rica, 2017 - my email is
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I wish she would have given spring cues. So I had an idea of what they were using.
Christine D So sorry I did not include this in the video ( the video was filmed many years ago) and I get your frustration.   Each manuafacturer has different spring tension so it is complicated to recommend, as well as, each client will have different strengths in their muscles. Truth is I adjust spring tension to the client in front of me. I suggest you explore on your own and just use the springs that feel right in your body.
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