Osteoporosis Protocols
Rebekah Rotstein
Tutorial 632

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;pthere is a problem playing this video
video played fine today for me. Thanks for the tips!
Rene and Christine ~ if you are still having a problem please post in the forum or email me.
Had no problem viewing the video in normal quality. Thanks. Great info.
I am so glad that I stumbled across this topic on this site. I have osteopenia and my Physical Therapist recommended I get a pilates dvd to include in my at home program for my right glutes, abs area instability. I do fall more than I should and have been afraid of it since I was hurt this spring in a fall. I'm going to review this topic on this site, plus look at Rebekkah's sites for more information. I'd like to use pilates to improve my stability and not get hurt in the process.Thank you Rebekkah for posting this video!
Thank you Rebekah, very educational!
You gave me very useful information, Thank you Rebekah!
Thank you Rebekah much needed information!
I showed this again to a new client with Osteopenia (at 42 years old!). Thanks again Rebekah! It's always great to be able to find you here.
OMG! How true -- very few instructors talk about safety in such great detail -- most name various parts and "align this...or that" but very few of them actually demonstrate details and provide such great explanation! Thank you!
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