Back Care Workshop
Brent Anderson
Workshop 645

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Oh boy, Oh boy!! Woke up this morning and the long awaited workshop was finally online. Naturally we are leaving for a trip this morning.. but as soon as I get home...Something to look forward to. Yea!!!!
Woke up this morning, stated the work shop in my pyjamas. Just could not wait ! Thank you so much.

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fantastic workshop, love the all the talk of movement from bones... would be great to see a back care workout on mat or even ball as not everyone has reformers... thanks to PA for bringing in Brent... he speaks my language..
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Worth the wait. I have put Mr. Anderson up in the same hero status along with Rael! You can never have too many heros!
I will watch this several times over I am sure. Sure hope he returns in the near future for more classes and lectures.
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I have just bought this workshop , please can I clarify that there is unlimited access? eg. it isn't going to disappear a few months down the line. (I have bought things from other sites and occasionally this is the case.) I am so looking forward to watching this and inspired to hear the comments above, I will feedback also :)
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I found this workshop to be extremely helpful and thought Brent's presentation was easy to understand. Very helpful as my clients sometimes prefer use of layman terms as opposed to anatomical. Only problem I encountered is I could not access the quiz after having viewed the entire workshop. No big deal as I plan to view several times?
Heather ~ You have unlimited access to this workshop and you will be able to watch it as many times as you like. We will not be taking it down in a few months.
Tamara ~ We are aware that our system is not detecting that iPad users have watched a chapter. You can not view the quiz until our system has detected that each chapter has been watched (a PMA rule). If you wish to take the quiz please email me at and I will manually mark that the chapters have been watched or you can watch the workshop on any device other than an iPad and it will mark the chapters as watched. We are working to fix this technical bug.
I just bought the workshop, but get about half way through each chapter and the video stops. can you tell me what I need to do to correct this. Love the workshop so far!
Rosemary ~ I have just sent you an email that suggests solutions to the playback problem. If anyone ever has a playback issue please email me at
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