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Brent Anderson
Workshop 645

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Please let us know when the bugs have been worked out then I will enroll. Is ACE credit available?
Thank you so much Pilates Anytime. I love that I can watch this over and over. There is so much content that I have watched it twice but I will watch it again. Thanks Brent. Hope I can take more classes with you. Brent can you recomend any good back injury book references? Thank you for talking about the energy it takes to teach. I am often thinking of this subject but have not found a lot of people who are talking about it.
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Ros ~ Everything works with the video and it just requires me to manually mark that the chapters have been watched if you are viewing on the iPad before the quiz can be taken. We are in the process of applying for the ACE credits - we do not yet have approval from ACE.
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I love this workshop, I rush home from teaching to watch all the chapters over again.
I just took the test and passed but cannot get 100% after taking multiple times. I actually tried all the answers suggested for two of the questions and still get them wrong. Just confused as you don't indicate in the results what the correct answers are to the ones missed. What is did notice was that questions 6 & 7 are identical as week as 21 and 22. Is that intentional? I look forward to your response. Thanks...

Tamara ~ Questions 6 and 7 are similar but ask questions about the lumbar and thoracic facets of the spine respectively. This diagram with views from the side and the back shows the four main parts of the spine.
. I have sent you an email about your other questions.
really enjoyed this only dissapointment i am not equipment trained as another instructor pointed out so feel i've missed out on providing a workout which surely is the reason we pay for the course! yes i can use hip releases and shoulder bridge variants but that's it!
If I purchase, will I be able to access this workshop from my ROKU player?
Can the CEC's be used with anyone including ACE?
Just saw the email above regarding ACE. Has it been approved yet?
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