Traditional Wunda Chair<br>Brett Howard<br>Class 696

Traditional Wunda Chair
Brett Howard
Class 696

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Tina ~ I am afraid that it doesn't seem to be this class. I have sent you an email that may help fix this from your end.
What a great class. Thank you Amy and Marta for making what is very hard work look easy. You girls did a great job! Thank you Brett for making me smile through the whole class. I love your teaching style and cueing. A class of this level always reminds me that the work never really gets any easier! Thanks PA for keeping me humble!
What a magnificent class, Brett's instruction and style is inspiring.
If you haven't already seen this Steven, check out how inspiring Brett is when he works out!

This is Pilates
Great session, thank you.
Great class! Thanks - a little hard to hear Brett:(
Ted Johnson
fantastic workout! thank you Brett :)
gracias por el espaƱol
Dearest Brett, this was the best!! You have such a calm in your voice when you teach and your cues wonderful. There was just one thing missing whilst doing the twist. YOU!
Thanks Amy and Marta and of course dear Kristi.
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