Romana Reformer Flow
Brett Howard
Class 698

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Beautiful workout! I love the transitions!!!
I love this advanced class offering with excellent cues, transitions and pace. I, too, was hooking my foot on snake! ;) Master teaching, great personality. Such a great workout! More Brett and more advanced classes at this pace. Just lovely. Thanks, PA!
Loved this class! Fun
Would love to see more advanced reformer classes from Brett. His humbleness and sense of humor is like no other and a breath of fresh air. Thank you for offering a fun, safe, and challenging class.
wonderful class, thank you for sharing ;)
Brett , you are a great teacher.I fall in love with your cueing and your humor ^__^
He doesn't tell you how many springs to use, so I couldn't do this one safely
Brett, I love coming back to this one! you are amazing as always! a pleasure to start my weekend after your delight! I'm glad I get your humor now ;)
Loved it!

Thank you!
Awesome. Thank you :)
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