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Amy Havens
Class 709

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I love this class.. but my hips I fear are fairly uneven.. when I do the right ankle cross over left knee and roll I lose sensation in my toes in places.. also alot of tingling, very uncomfortable.. almost feels like I am pinching a nerve there.. I have to readjust my position quite often.. am trying to stay in the arch as suggested but its way hard for me.. any suggestions?
Am looking forward to the next pro-roller class with head n upper torso!
Thanx Amy, you're a gem as always.
Hi Jamie..... The roller should not be in the lumbar arch--that could be why you're experiencing the tingling etc. The sacrum is the landmark , not lumbar. And it's not uncommon to have one side feel different, chances are the piriformis, glut complex and maybe even the joint itself are more restricted on that side. These stretches will stretch nerves too and that's also what you're sensing yes. Never work into pain though! Try repositioning yourself to your sacrum first and see if things change. Thanks for asking about this. Will let you know when the other follow up class is coming.
Thanks Amy. I think whats happening is I am way avoiding getting anywhere near my sacrum since its still pretty sensitive. ( I fell and landed right on tailbone 3 or 4 months ago and bruised it pretty bad) I cant believe even the soft roller is irritating it. So I will keep trying to move in a better position if possible.. thanks for always following up Amy.
You're welcome Jamie.....and yes that's got to be what's happening. I didn't know you fell and landed on that area, ouchie mamma! Maybe just try the stretches on the floor for awhile and avoid the roller --- as much as I know you like it! Be patient I always say!
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Thanks for this, Amy! I've been doing this every day to try stretch out my right hip. I can now sit crosslegged again for the first time in months!
Yay Dotti!!! Thank you for commenting and I'm so happy to hear your hip is feeling better. Others will benefit from hearing that too!!
This one is definitely saved to my favorites! Great reference for some release work! Thank you, Amy! I always enjoy your classes!!
Thank you Jeri Ann! Yes...great release work indeed!
Thank you Jeri Ann! Yes...great release work indeed, glad you enjoyed it!
Amy, do you have suggestions for me to not let my hip flexors take over? I have serous issues with them.
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