Pre and Postnatal Pilates
Leah Stewart
Workshop 794

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Very comprehensive and valuable workshop! Leah gives beautiful examples and even if you haven't had the chance to be pregnant, to understand exactly how this works. Thank you Leah for communicating and passing your knowledge and experience so well even through the screen! Thanks Pilates anytime;)
Vivica - so happy that you enjoyed the workshop
I would love to take this workshop but I can't get access to it. Where does one log in to pay for it,etc?
Colette ~ If you click on the orange tab that is underneath the title, "Watch this Workshop," the home page for the workshop will appear. At the top of that page there is an orange box, with a tab, "Buy Now." Once you click on "Buy Now," a new page will load that will prompt you to enter your credit card information to purchase the workshop. Enjoy!
Thank you for your response, Maria, but unfortunately I still can't access the workshop. I have the Pilates Anytime app on my iPad. Is there another way to get in? There is no orange tab under the title on my iPad 2. I appreciate your help.xx
Colette ~ Once you purchase the workshop, you will be able to watch it in the app. To purchase it, I recommend going to the full site or mobile site on a web browser. Once you are on the workshop page, there will be a button that says Buy Now. Once you click on that button, you will be prompted to choose your method of payment. I hope you enjoy this workshop!
Thank you Leah for a very informative workshop! I have applied your advice and insights very successfully with my clients.
I need to ask you something that wasn't mentioned in the workshop. One of my clients was advised by her doctor to stop exercising in her 5th month because the baby apparently turned upside down, with face looking down and back turned upwards.
What do you think? Should my client stop exercising?
Or should we just eliminate all ab work and just focus on other body parts (legs, arms)?
I know I could never persuade a pregnant woman against something that her doctor advises. But I do feel that I need to have my standpoint as a Pilates instructor.
Thank you in advance,
Eleni - I am very happy to hear that the workshop has helped you better understand how to use Pilates particularly the abdominal work for your pre-natal clients. I absolutely understand where you are coming from, you do not want to advise your client against her doctor's advise, but you also care about her and want her to keep moving and feeling good and strong during her pregnancy. The only thoughts I have are that you should most definitely get in touch with her doctor, speak to her/him about the specifics of your client's situation, and explain to him exactly what pre-natal Pilates entails.

continued in next post....

Many times doctors do not know what we do as Pilates teachers nor how we adapt the work to be safe, gentle and effective for pregnant women, it is always a great idea to talk with them and inform them. Hopefully, you can either meet with her doctor or speak to her/him on the phone, then together you can make a decision if it is in fact, safe for her to continue her Pilates practice. And you never know, the baby may shift positions yet again. Please let me know how it goes
Thank you Leah, I will let you know if I have more news
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