Mat Workout
Lisa Hubbard
Class 814

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I cannot go out without watching P/A. everyday. I love your show. I recommend this to all my friends, neighbours, I am so lucky to have this in my home. Great teachers, Great classes. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. blanche.
Thank you Lisa, this is a great class. You have wonderful students in your class. HOw lucky could you get. blanche.
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I loved the class! added to my favorites..Thank you!
Yippie!!! Thank you Paula, I so appreciate that! CJ everyone should be taking Pilates Anytime classes, glad you are spreading the word!
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Wow. That 45 minutes flew by. Thanks for your positive and upbeat attitude. Really fun.
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Lovely class-flow and cues outstanding. Please continue to teach more 2 & 3 level classes.
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This is one of the best mat classes I've seen in a long time!!! Thank you, it was perfect for me....
Thank you Jeff! I was hoping to get it "all-in" in a shorter amount of time & glad that my love for teaching Pilates comes through in a positive & upbeat way! Sherry, I am hoping to come back in October for more mat classes (advanced & beginner workout(s). It means the world to me that you enjoyed the flow & cues (so important!) Cindy, wow, what can I say to that?! Expect thank you from the heart! I am so happy :)
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great class. Thanks, Lisa - I am ready to teach my own clients now

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Thanks Lisa for the wonderful class! I am ready for my day now!
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