Mat Workout
Lisa Hubbard
Class 814

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Thank you Jasmine, happy you enjoyed! P.S. Happy Birthday Joseph Pilates!
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still, the best class i have ever had
Smadar, and this is THE best compliment I've had. I am honored, grateful and thankful! Thank you!
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What a great Sunday morning class! I love your classes Lisa! Thank you.
You are so sweet Ann, that means the world to me. Being amongst some serious leaders in the Pilates world. XO
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Thank you Lisa still great class…..
Ira thank you so much Ira, it's nice to know that you still enjoy this one from 2012 😊🙌🏻
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Wow! Thank you Lisa for an amazing class, I really can't get enough of your workouts, I'm hooked!  More more more of Lisa please PilatesAnytime! 
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Elaine my top fan?! Lol 🥰 you’re an angel! Beyond grateful for your voice here, thank you so much for amazing support dear Elaine. I am so happy that you’re enjoying PA & all that they have to offer! I just took Kristy & Meredith’s latest class and it’s so much more fun working out with a partner(s) ❤️ Honored lady. 🙏 xo!
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