Mat Workout
Tracey Mallett
Class 828

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There wasn't a video for me until I selected "auto-select". Then I could view it perfectly.
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Excellent workout. thank you
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Wonderful class! Nice flow and coreography. I really enjoyed it! Hope to see more of this.
Wow, thanks for posting that, Keirsten! I tried "auto-select," and the video popped up! :)
Whew!!! I've been having withdrawls for days! Thank you, Keirsten, for mentioning auto-detect!!
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Great class. Steady pace with good postures, easy to follow.
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Really nice teacher , i enjoy so much!!
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Tracey, I just love you! I've only done your fuse dance and booty barre classes which I love, but it was great to see you doing the classical work. I loved the variations- many of them were new to me. I feel thoroughly worked out and wonderful- thank you!
Video stops and then resets to 0:00...frustrating.
Thank you my friends!! Pilates is my LOVE and happy to share that with you..I don't just shake my BOOTY..LOL..!!
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