Full-Body Reformer
Lisa Hubbard
Class 832

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Thanks Lisa, gonna try the upper body variation and mermaid w/strap tonight in my classes. I did the whole class.
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Lisa, Lisa, Lisa you are brillant.. and such a joy for me to watch. I cant wait to try this one soon as I get recovered!!!
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Great class, loved the z-sit arm work!
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I loves this class. Creative and fun. I will do this one again!
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Thank you for a wonderful full body class!
Thank you ladies!!! Denee, Jamie, Amy & Sharon. Such a pleasure to teach Meredith & Erin. And such an honor for me to be a part of PA PS...I was so nervous!!!
Wonderful, thank you so much Victoria! My new title for the arm work has come to fruition ;)
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Lisa, wonderful, challenging class!! loved the variations on hip work!
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I feel great now. thankyou
Thank you Sandra & Heather~Pilates is the BEST! I appreciate your lovely comments and so glad to be able to share with PA members!
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