Pelvic Lumbar Dysfunction
Carolyne S.
Class 890

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I like this!
Enjoyed the class, Carolyne. It was just what I needed after this rough day. Thanks!
Thank you Lauren :)
Nice class, thank you!
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Definitely not just for menopause. Great for cramps, hips, SI irritations, realigning knees... also lovely calm instructions. Thank you!
Great session before or after any cardio....thank you! Actually great sequencing for hips...really took all tension out!
Great Cues, but video stopped at 11:43 seconds? I wasn't able to finish the class :(
Raelea ~ We are sorry that you are having problems with the video playback. In cases like this we suggest you restart the computer as this solves the issue 90% of the time. If you still have a problem please email me at
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Great session to do before riding my horse. Thank you.
I am glad so many of you are enjoying this class! Thank you for your lovely comments.
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