Reformer Stretch Workout
Anthony Lett
Class 907

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Anthony...thanks...awesome class and finally something I can use to hopefully entice yogis to take more Pilates. It has been an uphill battle for me getting yoga people into my reformer classes and this just may do it.
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Thank you Yugonda. So glad you enjoyed the work. I think integrating some of the stretching into your Pilates work is an intelligent approach that brings the best results. good luck. :)
Poor quality viewing.
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Anthony , my man that was just awesmome. After so many mths of Facebook posts and reading your book , it was so nice to actually see you in action. I love these stretches and wll be implementing them today on my reformer!! You are amazing
Jamie thank you! Its important to me that you can use this material straight away, both on your self and others. Enjoy :)
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Hi Anthony
I'm glad to meet you here again
As already in Germany it's really great to stretch out on reformer and I enjoyed the interactive workout with you ! Can't wait te meet you again .... well done!
Greetings from Germany
Hello Ramona! Fancy meeting you here! Im very happy to hear from you and glad you're still stretching! Merry Christmas too :)
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Awesome class! trying it tomorrow !! Thank you
Enjoy it Tammy :)
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Great class! Thank you!
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