Reformer Stretch Exercises
Anthony Lett
Class 908

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Stay tuned within a few days we'll have Anthony's Neck Relaxation video up... Who doesn't need that during this time?!
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Thank you Jasmin and BEYOND :) Im glad you are enjoying the work. Why not add 2 stretch sessions per week to your workout goals in 2013.
Great stretches and variations. Thanks again Anthony.
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Thank you, Anthony, for an amazing class. I am so grateful to you and Pilates Anytime for bringing these innovations to my movement experience. :)
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Susuan, thank you. Very happy that you enjoyed, and very grateful to PA also!!
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very nice class, I feel great now. Loved the split work at the start of the class.
Glad you enjoyed it heather :)

Constantly keep in mind the fact that you are not interested in merely developing bulging muscles but

rather flexible ones."

-Joseph Pilates, Return to Life, P.26.
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I have gotten so tight from running and have a lot of runners and Tri athletes that will benefit from all of these wonderful stretches, Thanks again for a terrific class and all of your shared Knowledge! XOS
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Great! Anthony tooks Kit Laughlin work ( another amazing australin Teacher) and applied it on Pilates apparatus! Beautiful job! Congratulations to Australia!!!
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That was amazing! I love how you actually feel the necessary work to stretch. This is active stretching at its best. I feel great! Thank you, Anthony!!
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