Waking Energy
Jennifer Kries
Class 928

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something new and fun!
I love you Jennifer Kries thank you for your healing work from dance to pilates. That is what I strive for ever day as an instructor/ex-dancer. You give great energy inspirations to your teaching. BRAVO!!!!
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Love this class - the length of time and movements and Qi Gong and the attitude behind it. It's nice that I don't have to go elsewhere for some easy way to perform UNcontrolled movement. I embraced Pilates because it brought joy to my life. So, for me what you said about your experience really resonated with me.
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Love this! Of course exactly what I needed today!
I was feeling lack of energy from sitting and doing emails then I saw this and decided to give it a try. Immediately felt energized!!
thank you Jennifer.
Dvori, Belgium
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Amaziiiing. Thank you Jennifer for your genuine knowledge, wisdom and sweet soul :) Enjoyed every second of it.
A beautiful and positive way to start my day – thank you!
Great way to get the body moving early in the morning
it was very nice. but i was so into continuing the advanced matwork class, but i can not find it.... any clues?
Fardiyah ~ I believe this is the class you are looking for. I hope you enjoy it!
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