BASI Mat Flow™<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 934

BASI Mat Flow™
Meredith Rogers
Class 934

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Thank you Janis!! Maybe someday you can come and take class in person too :)
Such a fun class! Loved the kneeling side kicks! Thank you:)
Jodi B
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excellent class!
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Amazing class, just love it!!!! thank u!!
Thanks ladies! Its always fun when members come to visit.
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What a special energy this class created! As always, I love Meredeth's classes regardless of prop (or no).. Adding this to my favorites for sure :))
Thank you Tammy! The energy that day WAS incredible.
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Awesome class Meridith! Lots of great ideas. Definitely an inspiration that will flow into my Studio this week!
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great work Meredith! Thank you for sharing :)
Thank you again and again!
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