BASI Mat Flow™
Meredith Rogers
Class 934

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Perfect amount of band work...nice breaks so hands don't get too fatigued. Thank you thank you
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Love it every bit as much as I did when we filmed this 6 months ago.

When are you coming again Joni??
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amazing class , as always by Meredith Rogers . I swear the only reason I keep coming back to platies anytime is just for your classes. I always feel like I have used every muscle. by far my favourite instructor
That's the sweetest Emelye Jane!
I appreciate YOU so much.
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Celebrating this joyful meeting and this terrific class once again this morning. Looking forward to the  classes you'll be taping next week too!
Joni as you may imagine, the filming was cancelled. BUT I'll see you in my living room on Thursday and will keep a regular zoom schedule going forward.
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Hello from lockdown UK! I loved this - thanks SO much - recovering from injury and I managed most of this and am SO pleased. Loved the flow and continuity. Have a great day - off for breakfast & coffee in the sun!

Hi Sam! I'm so glad you were able to do this.  Looking at this photo today made me nostalgic for the good old days.  Working out with friends...which we WILL do again.  Keep sunning...I love it too.

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