Strong and Long Flow
Erika Quest
Class 990

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Loved the arm/wrist work with legwork on the chair. Lots of challenges on the reformer, great class thanks Erika!
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Love your fresh ideas.Stuff I haven't seen anywhere else. I tend to get bored with routine stuff. Can you do a tower or cadillac class?
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Great class! Fun and interesting. Thank you!
Thank you all! It was fun to bring in the chair on PA. This was my first mixed media class. Pele, I would love to do a Tower or Cadillac class! I will keep this in mind when I return in the future. All the best and thanks for the feedback! Love, Erika
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Erika, this was my first class with you but hopefully not the last. So creative, easy and graceful flow to your work. Thank you!! were BOTH great!!!
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Forgot to ask. My equipment is blue, red and two yellow springs. You mentioned one green spring....what would that be equivalent too??
Hi Patricia! Thanks so very much for the comments. If you liked this session, then I'd encourage you to try my two other reformer workouts. Similar cueing, but lots of different repertoire and creativity! Yes, Portia is a BRILLIANT mover. Watch for her on PA in the future. On your springs, I would say that the Balanced Body green spring is equivalent to whatever your heaviest spring is on your Peak equipment. The scale from heaviest to lightest on BB equipment goes: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow. I hope that helps! All the best.
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Thank You for yet another wonderful class Erika :)
I enjoy combining equipment in one workout for the variation and always seem to walk away with more energy... the flow was perfect and I really needed the wrist work.
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Well that got me sweating!! I too love the arm work on the chair! Not sure if I am stronger after a few days off, but one of the most challenging things for me is keeping my torso 'lifted'. The arm work seemed to really help me with that! Thank you! :)
Yugonda, you are so very sweet. Thank YOU for watching and to both you and Jai for commenting. I really appreciate the feedback as it helps me for any future PA sessions I may be able to film. I'm glad you like the arm work, Jai. I find that it definitely keeps you 'lifted' while doing the footwork as well. And, you get a bonus stretch for your chest and ulner nerve. Much love, Erika
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