Wunda Chair Workout
Courtney Miller
Class 994

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Courtney your cueing is so precise, I love it! Can't wait to try this one! Thanks for another great workout!
Hello to my Pilates Anytime friends! Thank you for all the great feedback! I love that you love the Chair too Who has done this class 3 or more times? Have you noticed your are stronger/more balanced? I want to hear about your results!
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LOVED this class. I have been looking for ways to switch up my chair routine and this was perfect. I would love to enjoy more chair classes.
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I watch your classes more than any others.
Perfect cueing, flow and pleasant voice.
Thank you for your inspiration!
Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for all your feedback! I am so happy to hear you are enjoying this workout! I have a summer challenge for you all! :) Who can do all my Pilates Anytime classes in 10 days?! I would love to hear about your results!! Ill be doing it too so lets workout together!
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Courney. I finished my Stott chair course just a few days ago - so was looking for more chair work - found yours. Yay! Thank you for sharing your work :)
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Good clear instructions, lovely class!
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You are one of my very favorite instructors on PA! I can't imagine why I missed this workout back in March 2013!
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Wow! Courtney your are amazing!! Love it!
Thanks everyone! I have some new classes coming out soon on PA and I can't wait to for you to try them!
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