Rhythm Pilates®
Lisa Hubbard
Class 253

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It took me 8 years to find this class, but I'm hooked! Fun and challenging and an inspiration for my own teaching. Thank you Lisa for reawakening the dancer in me...
Rondi i believe things happen when they’re supposed to! Even though it took 8-years to find it, it may have been when most needed. Hopefully that is the case 🙏🏻♥️ Thank you for your kind praise!
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really good class..more of these would b great..i am slotting in all of your rhythm pilates in short breaks i get during the day...nice fun effective fast workout
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Just started Pilates sign weeks ago and took a week off for a cycling event. Loved this format and while I can’t do everything yet, I have a goal!
Hi alexa ! Thanks so much for taking class with me in between clients 😉 Love Rhythm Pilates for that quick movement experience!
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That is so awesome Julie Julie (not sure which Julie) 😊 thanks so much and keep coming back, you’ll be doing it all before you know it!
I know that PA strives to reach a wide demographic and this class is absolutely not for you. It has however been in the top-list since it’s debut. Please let me give you a backdrop: This was my very first time filming with PA + I was beyond NERVOUS. Continued.
Graham I just recently launched this Rhythm Pilates class, still getting comfortable with a 30-minutes flow set to the same phrasing music. (The ‘breakdown class’ should be viewed first; this gives the class technical cues, positions, transitions, timing, nuance, etc). We had a massive class + some non-dancers + technical difficulties due to the complexity incorporating music + coordinating the mic. Continued.
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Graham Rest assured that I am still teaching the same class 8-years later and my cues are refined with the flow to music, proper timing and form, etc. Lastly, this is not a BASI Pilates class; if you want to do my BASI Flow Mat, it is #3085. Thank you for your feedback and for giving me the opportunity to respond to you and others that might not have said otherwise. 🙏
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@Lisa I should never have said those things, this class isn't bullshit, your queues aren't terrible... If I had bothered to read the description I would have seen that this class required watching the breakdown class first. I was full of aggression after having a family argument and decided to do some Pilates to de-stress. Instead, I threw negativity at you because it wasn't the type of class I wanted. I'm so sorry. I'm 29...I should know better.
Thank you for your response, it's more than I deserve.

PS. I plan on giving this class a proper go over the weekend and I will take the preparation class first.
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