Mat Workout
Tom McCook
Class 1084

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Fantastic class. Was feeling tight and shortened after my run this morning and this really brought me back in to alignment and opened up my body. Great cueing and some lovely new ideas that I may steal for my own clients! Thanks Tom!
Thanks Tom, your cueing for the saw has really helped me move more efficiently and feel the movement quite a good way!
Yes, Kristi, Thank you! Every time I practice with Tom I am blown away. All can be applied to each apparatus. Beautiful. Lots of gems indeed!
First time I have done one of Tom's classes been mean to try this out for a while was a great class enjoyed the sequence and body feels amazing 😊
Thanks Darren,
Happy to hear you enjoyed and felt the benefits after! I just was at Pilates Anytime this past weekend and filmed several classes and tutorials that will be coming out in the coming months. All the best to you and Thank you Pilates Anytime!
Tom that's great will look forward to trying these out too 😊
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What a lovely class. I agree with the comments below. I love Tom's teaching style. The movements are subtle and smooth, creating so much awareness and still really feeling the work. Thank you!!!
Thank you! Great class!
Loved it! Thank you for the cueing perfection and timeless work.
Un genio Tom!!!!!!!
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