Mat Workout
Kathy Grant
Class 1244

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Margaret, I appreciate your experience and your willingness to share with your mother and so many of us who also wish we could have been brought down for a private with Ms. Kathy.
Your words here are a very meaningful contribution to the Pilates Legacy Project. Thank you.
Nice way start finish midsummer! I like this!
Thank you for including this class.
I have watched this video a number of times and it always brings me back to my dance training under May O'Donnell . The cues, the gestures , the personality... Thank you Cara Reeser and Pilates Anytime for sharing this.
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Priceless! Many thanks.
Very lucky girls!
So nice to see this.
Thank you for sharing, this class is gold! Love the sidekick into fankick, so many amazing cues, variations and personality.
Thank you all for watching. I am so honored to have what we do (thank you Cara Reeser) on the site. I always hope for more and am thrilled to know others value this kind of information, history and teaching as much as I do.
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Amazing - what a privilege!
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