Gentle Cadillac Flow
Lisa Hubbard
Class 1647

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That was an amazing performance by Billie in this workout!! An inspiration to all of us! Thanks!!
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Great session Lisa and Billie!
Thank you ladies! I will be sharing all your wonderful comments to Billies as well!
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WOW I really enjoyed watching you both work together, what a team. Billy you are something else you have a great teacher.
Thank you Anna~I love getting to work with Billie!
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In spanish we say " BUENÏSIMO", mexico tongue "PADRISIMO", really a great lesson for every body of all ages from the teacher (master of masters), the executant , a lesson of how through perseverance there is no difference for our body as years pass," la salud está en nuestra mente".
Rossana, this has to be my favorite post thus far. Truly honored to be in the presence of what PilatesAnytime gives to our community of teachers, students & our beloved beginners. I'm here, really?! Anyone who practices this method intelligently & diligently can & will live a more vibrant & visceral life! Pilates Anytime surpasses the hopes, dreams & passes the torch of education, knowledge & passion to the infinite next generations. Thank you Mr. Pilates ?? And Thank you PA!??
Typos...?=exclamation point !
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Fantastic class! Billie is such an inspiration! She's beautiful! I love your classes Lisa. You are an amazing teacher.
Thank you Anne-Marie! Billie was just in for her session today and just keeps getting better & better. I'll pass on your praises!
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