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I found this very interesting! Thank you PA and Sean for sharing this. I also enjoyed reading the posts from Amy and Niedra and others who were around during this whole situation. I love what I do for a living. I love moving people. I do agree that you change how you move you change your mind, you change your mind you change your spirit. May we all continue to do this.
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Thank you Kristi / Pilates Anytime for doing this project and also to give room to all parties of our history. I know it is unpopular to state this, but Sean might be right when it comes to power of a trademark. Beside my Pilates I get weekly sessions as Gyrotonic client and it is interesting to see how they run the business. E.g., you can only buy a Gyrotonic machine if you have had a certain level of training. The machines are produced from different manufacturer around the world, but they have the same specifications. I can see how this makes sense to keep the integrity of Juliu Horvath's system. I am not able to judge if the same would be true for the Pilates method, but I think it is worth thinking about it.
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Dear Sean Gallagher, fascinating to hear your perspective on the trademark and for your frank approach to your story. It would be even more interesting to see and hear the original material you have from Mr.Pilates. so that we can get a clear understanding what he wanted and expected from his method.
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Thanks for your open interview and sharing this Pilates history and all of your knowledge. Much appreciated. I am grateful for my Comprehensive Classical Certification through Power Pilates but also extremely grateful for my original certification on only the reformer with Polestar Pilates, where I learned my foundation which was an incredible learning opportunity through Brent Anderson back in 2003. I love Pilates Anytime and appreciate how diverse and talented everyone is. I see clients sometimes 4-5 days a week and must change things up to be able to keep them intrigued and choosing me 4-5 days a week over other exercise programs. I think it is important to know and practice the original work but to also continue to learn and grow as with all things over time.
PA is a democratic and tolerant.
LOOK at the bodies today!! When I was at the Pilates Studio in Bendels in the mid-60s-- Joe was alive-- we had to wear pastel leotards without tights so our bodies were visible. We were practically naked. I was 5'6" and weighed 110. Today 50% of Americans are obese and ANOTHER 25% are sized up. The number of people who did Pilates then you could put in your eye and not feel it. Now 10 million do it. It is a method for bodies. When they change you change it. Wake up. Or as my Mother used to say in the 40s when people had common sense-- "take the needle out of your arm."
Joan, your perspective is unique and always appreciated given, much like Sean Gallagher, you have participated in and contributed to the Pilates environment in such a big way for so many years. I'm curious to know if your comment is referring to something specific Sean says in this interview?
In 2017 people and their bodies are different from what they were in the 60s so Pilates must change. And Joe had a limited elite clientele. If that number had been in the millions-- not hundreds-- changes would have been necessary even then. Agreed that Romana didn't know anatomy which is why she said all the forward flexion in the repertoire was OK even if one had osteoporosis.
I hear this all the time that body today are different then in Joes day. So were bodies different in 1920 than in 1960 as well? Please evolution doesn't happen that fast sorry. Also your saying Joe's client were not fat? And it is clear from the studio records that his clientele was not elite but mostly normal New York City people some rich, so famous and most just regular people and he had thousands over the years not hundreds.

The poor postures, the over stressed bodies, the imbalanced work and movement habits have been being addressed by medicine, physical culturist's, exercise guru's and others for at least a few hundred years and Joe was no exception except he developed a program that addresses these issue at their core and helps the person and the body change.
That is what I guess you never learned in all your years in the pilates community since you were to busy trying to make money off if Pilates instead of studying/ teaching/ learning with clients every day the genius of Joe which is what Romana spent a lifetime doing.

Where's your research Joan that shows that when Pilates is taught as Joe and Romana taught it that it will injure people? I have the degrees, training and experience as a Physical Therapist, Dancer, Pilates teacher and numerous other certifications and degrees and 30 years of clinical practice in PT and Pilates and have not seen one fracture due to people working out as the archives and Romana showed us how to teach Joe's method. Where are you getting your information from?

What I see is that Romana is internationally known and respected and it is clear you are not so I'm thinking it is just jealously happening here. Not surprised.
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