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Monica Wilson
Class 2387

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You always get something out of it and your body loves you for it! Enjoy! Monica:)
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this feels so unfriendly for beginners. its very disheartening feel myself struggle and yet looking at all these girls flawlessly do each move almost like theyre it just a matter of practicing and letting myself get stronger or am i doing something wrong :(
Hi Ann, so glad you reached out! The two ladies in the front on either side are experienced Pilates practitioners to offer a viewpoint of what the exercise should look like. The other 5 participants are learning right alongside you. It is a huge benefit to be right next to someone and to have me in the room with them. That being said, I bet you are following right along with them and are being way too hard on yourself! I can promise you the ladies in the class felt exactly like you and were absolutely appalled they volunteered to be on camera! When you are doing the exercises for the first time they are extremely challenging, take a lot of effort and energy for the smallest of movements while hardly looking like anything at all. Starting is hard! You will be rewarded ten fold though if you stick with it, repeat a class as many times as needed until it feels easy before moving on to the next. You will feel strong, accomplished and see tremendous results in your body! 
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Monica Wilson thank you! I will keep going! I can be very hard on myself and if I don’t get something right the first time I tend to be very critical! Thanks for the support :)
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thanks for everything Monica... im not new to Pilates, but you did help me keep aware of doing it right, without hurting my back!
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I love this classes as a new mat teacher, the cueing is brilliant. It improves my own practice but also betters the way I teach. Thank you Monica.
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I'm really enjoying this beginner series and realizing the importance of the small movements and holds and not simply ' muscling ' through the exercises as I've done in the past.  Thank you for explaining everything in great detail, it is so helpful! 
Thank you Monica! I am completely new to Pilates. I had been doing a barre class and found myself hurting alot from it ('powering through'!) and I am so excited to now be learning for the first time really how to move, where to get the power from and so on. After three classes i feel a difference already. You explain very well and then put in more than enough 'workout' as you go so i feel i have learned and i have strengthed!
Hi Karen, I'm so glad you found Pilates! You are laying down the right foundation with this series and will be able to transition easily to the intermediate classes. I am so glad to hear you are already feeling the benefits while getting a good workout! Thank you for your feedback, Monica:)
I have some questions: 1). How do I both keep my cheeks on the mat AND spill my soup? I spill my soup and my bum lifts. 2). Rolling like a ball: I have not figured out how to breath IN while rolling back - I want to breath out. I could do with some guidance, please.

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