Grab Your Partner Reformer
Erika Quest
Class 3971

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Thanks Erika,  I will try your suggestions , but I also realized that the height of the reformer helps with this exercise. At the studio we have Allegros that are lower than the regular Reformers, I will try making them sit on top of the box. I will see how that goes. 

Sabrina Oh gosh, YES Sabrina that would totally be more difficult with the allegro which is lower. Possibly a box, if you can safely, or maybe this is one you could modify to using the floor and a theraband vs. using the moving carriage. Much love, Erika
Love this! Super creative! Loved seeing Nico too! :)
Carmen Morgan Jones Hey Carmen! Thank you and thanks for taking class with Nico and I. He's just SO great and I love having him come to PA with me. Much love, Erika
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My husband and I did this workout together. We enjoyed it. It was more challenging than I was expecting it to be. :)
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Erika WITH A "K" too. That is SO awesome an glad you enjoyed! Much love from another Erika WITH a "K".
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