Shoulder Challenge
Ilaria Cavagna
Class 4734

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Paola D Prego! Son contenta che ti piacciano! Grazie Paola ❤️
Kerry H 👍🏻 Thank you! The whole program is out now... Hope you'll enjoy the other classes as well!
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Thanks so much Ilaria! Love your precision, very much enjoyed all your classes! Reformer and Tower next?🙏Blessings to you!
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thankyou Ilaria! great workout to do on holiday when towels are the only equipment available! I will practise this a few more times to really get more out of the more challenging exercises..
Rosemary Thank you 🙏🏼 happy you like the program. 😘
Emma M Yes! We always can find a towel 😜 I think repeating is a great idea. When the mind knows what to expect the work of the body changes and evolves.
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Creative class- thank you! I paired this with your Teaser Madness class!
Marissa Perfect Marissa! Great match 🙌🏻
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