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Daria Pace

Daria Pace

Born with a congenital hip dislocation, Daria Pace began taking Pilates "lessons" with her grandmother, Romana Kryzanowska, as soon as she could walk.
Read More To strengthen the weaker hip, Romana would urge Daria to go up the stairs favoring her left leg and began teaching her granddaughter some small pilates movements incorporated with ballet when she was a toddler. At the age of eight the fledgling ballerina was admitted to the prestigious School of American Ballet in New York City where she would study for the next eight years. While at SAB the young dancer performed at the New York City Ballet, the Metropolitan Opera House and the New York City Center. During her time at the school Daria also remained committed to Pilates, taking lessons on a regular basis at Drago's Gym.

After quitting both ballet and Pilates at the age of 16, Daria rekindled her love of movement after taking a Pilates lesson while attending Emerson College in Boston. She immediately decided to become an instructor, inspired by the way that she had seen her grandmother and mother, Sari Mejia Santo, help people change their lives through Pilates. Daria devoted her vacations from school to working alongside Romana and Sari at Drago's. After graduation she moved home to live with Romana and complete her training program. As Daria gained experience as a Pilates instructor she was asked to travel with Romana and Sari, and has taught in Australia, Europe and throughout the United States.

In 2007 Daria and her husband, Klery Fox, relocated to Fort Lauderdale, FL where she runs the Romana's Pilates International Instructor Training Program. Since moving Daria has enjoyed teaching throughout South Florida, including Miami, Boca Raton, Key Largo and Fort Lauderdale. Daria appeared on the cover of Pilates Style magazine in April 2010. With the support of her mother and husband she opened Romana's Pilates in Fort Lauderdale in January 2012.
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