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Zoey Trap

A renowned worldwide presenter, Zoey Trap's workshops reflect a commitment to help instructors stay abreast of the latest trends and research in mind-body, and how to apply these concepts to classes with knowledge, creativity and confidence.
Read More She has written educational programs for many fitness companies, been published in seven languages, and featured in 4 DVD's. Zoey is also the Peak Pilates Master Instructor Team Manager.

Zoey Trap has an MS in exercise science with a research focus on alternative therapy and the spine. She was introduced to Pilates during her years as a contemporary dancer and was a major pioneer in bringing Pilates and yoga to the fitness scene throughout Europe more than fifteen years ago. She went on to complete her comprehensive certification with Good Body's PilateSystem and is currently co-owner of the InnerSpace in Avon, Connecticut.

In addition to Pilates, Zoey is a certified yoga instructor, and an ACE and AFFA certified group exercise leader. Zoey believes that true fitness comes from the inside out.