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Colleen Glenn-Wilson

Colleen Glenn-Wilson

Colleen Glenn-Wilson is an innovative pioneer in both the Pilates and fitness industries and a 30-year veteran. She is a presenter, educator,and consultant both domestically and internationally.
Read More Primary education with Romana Kryzanowska inspired Colleen's contagious passion and enthusiasm for Pilates and dynamic movement. Education in TRX, Kinesis, PTA Global, and Evidence Based Fitness Academy round out Colleen's functional movement expertise. Colleen spear headed Peak Pilates education program, co-founded the Pilates Method Alliance, and was heralded as one of America's Top 55 Trainers in Vogue magazine.

Colleen is originally from Odessa, Texas. After years of dancing, she opened her own dance studio, co-founded a non-profit dance theater company, and performed with local dance companies in Houston and internationally. At Bally's Fitness Clubs, a leader in the health club industry at that time, Colleen taught exercise. While dancing in Houston, Colleen was introduced to a therapeutic form of Pilates and after a brief internship with Elizabeth Jones Boswell began teaching. While auditioning in New York, Colleen took Pilates lessons from Romana Kryzanowska and was introduced to a dynamic, rhythmic and athletic form of Pilates known by many as classical Pilates. To educate herself in this style of Pilates, Colleen studied at the feet of Romana as often as possible in New York and at the Houston Ballet. Romana Kryzanowska and Wei Ti Holmes were contracted to operate the Pilates program at the Houston Ballet, where Colleen taught, and this was the beginning of her immersion and grounding in the classical Pilates system. To continue her education, Colleen hosted numerous workshops with Romana at other studios she managed or owned in Texas in the following decades.

Glenn Studio Inc., opened in Dallas in 1995 and she launched her own certification program, The PilateSystem Comprehensive teacher training to uphold the integrity of classical Pilates education. To counter the avalanche of dissembling and discrediting of the Pilates method for specific needs, desires and financial reasons, she founded the Pilates Method Alliance with Kevin Bowen. In the early part of 2000 certifications were fully rooted and accepted in the fitness industry and projected to grow exponentially. Peak Pilates, ready to meet the challenge, invited leaders and experts in the industry to brainstorm on what a broad scale teacher training program for the fitness industry could look like. After this meeting, Julie Lobdell, then president and CEO of Peak Pilates, approached her to spearhead an education division for the company. Her comprehensive teacher training program and network of teacher trainers she had groomed since 1992 was folded into the new education program for Peak Pilates. Clare Dunphy and Zoey Trap, two widely recognized experts, brought their creative talent, erudition, and business acumen in collaboration to refine and define a Peak Pilates education program.

After more than seven years with Peak Pilates, Colleen re-entered the Pilates studio setting to teach and left the company. Her roots were calling, grounding her back to simply teaching the average person who desired what she could offer them. Colleen also missed the sound of equipment and springs moving when being worked on, the breathing and rhythms in a Pilates studio, the unique rhythmic cuing, relationships with clients and other wonderful nuances of connecting and being in a community of teachers teaching in a studio. Locally, Colleen teaches at Complete Physique in North Boulder and The Pilates Institute of Boulder incorporating Kinesis, TRX , functional training, and Pilates. She writes, teaches continuing education workshops and lectures, locally and worldwide. Colleen is truly honored and privileged to have had so many teachers study under her tutelage and, as a second generation teacher is honored to have studied with Romana Kryzanowska and other Elders.She is passionate about nutrition and the company Purium and, getting healthy from "the inside out" with their programs and superfoods. Colleen continues with the everyday challenges of being a wife, mother, and professional, and knows she is blessed with both family and her long running career in Pilates.
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