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Nagi Takahashi

Nagi Takahashi, NCPT, has been a Pilates Teacher since 2006. She has had extensive training beginning with DK Body Balancing in Las Vegas and completing her BASI Pilates® Comprehensive course in 2008.
Read More She has worked for BASI Japan for 6 years, also acting as a faculty from 2009 teaching mat and apparatus teacher training courses.

Nagi holds the honor of being the first visiting instructor from Asia for Pilates Anytime. She currently owns Pilates Studio Rebirth in Tokyo which opened in 2013. Nagi has been a presenter at conferences in Korea, China and the US. Also, she has been working with the Cirque du Soleil artists since 2014 when the show is in Japan.

Her recent education is the master teacher Kathy Corey’s Postgraduate Mentor Program, an intensive 2 year program to understand the depth and concepts of the Pilates Technique. She was one of the eight teachers selected for the program. Nagi frequently assists Kathy at international conferences.

Nagi is also involved with the fitness gear called MOTR® and is the Master Instructor in Japan for Balanced Body. She has hosted many teachers from abroad including Kathy Corey, Portia Page, Lisa Hubbard, Tracey Mallet, Brett Howard, and Rebekah Rotstein. Nagi has served as interpreter and tour guide to visiting teachers and travels to the US and Europe frequently to maintain her education. She teaches seminars and study groups, and acts as a bridge between the US and Japan to keep teachers motivated.

Nagi takes great pride in the precision that can be achieved in the Pilates Method and is known for her beautiful movements as well as the smooth transitions in class from one exercise to another.