Frail to Fit with Sherri

with Sherri Betz · Episode 3

TheraPilates® for Bone Building

This class will focus on weight-bearing and strength training, targeting the femurs and spine, standing dynamic balance exercises, and Pilates Mat work designed to reduce thoracic kyphosis, and increase bone and muscle strength. Learn the 5 main exercises you need to stay strong and keep your bones healthy for life!
Read More You’ll need the following props: a 4-foot broomstick or dowel, a box to put weights in (milk crate, file box, sturdy cardboard box about 12x12x12”), weights (soup cans, water bottles, dumbbells, bags of sugar, flour, beans), Theraband (6-foot medium tension), and elastic loops.

Fri. Jul 17

11:30 AM EDT

Sherri Betz

1 hour · Polestar Pilates®

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Fri Jul 17
11:30 AM
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