Pre - Postnatal

This pre and post natal series allows you to continue your Pilates practice as you advance in your pregnancy while recognizing and addressing the myriad of changes you are going through. If you are in your first trimester, we recommend starting with class number one. If you are in your 3rd trimester please begin at class number 2. Always listen to your body while participating in class. Should you feel dizzy or uncomfortable, stop exercising and consult help right away.

Suitable For: Pilates enthusiasts who have already been practicing Pilates prior to becoming pregnant and who have been cleared by their doctors to continue working out.
Playlist Created by: Leah Stewart
Prenatal Class One - The first in a series of
Prenatal Class Two - Appropriate for First, S
Prenatal Class Three - First, Second and Thir
Prenatal Class Four - First, Second and Third
Prenatal Wunda Chair - This class provides cr
Prenatal Reformer - This is an intermediate
Prenatal Stretch Class - This class is design
Postnatal Class One - This class is designed
Postnatal Class Two - This is Leah’s second P


Thank you for this playlist! I am loving these classes. They are fun, creative with the perfect amount of challenge. I truly enjoy your teaching style. They have not only helped me within my own current pregnancy, but have also inspired me within my personal class planning. I appreciate your work! Thanks!

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