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We can always use a refresher on the details of an exercise. Monica and I thought it would be good to "put together" a playlist of all her Mat Work Breakdown videos so we could pick and choose the exercises we wanted to focus on within the context of the traditional order you'd find them. There are still a few more videos to come but here you have from the Hundred all the way through to Double Leg Kick. Enjoy practicing the nuance that you will learn in these videos.

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Mat Exercise Breakdown 2 - R
Mat Exercise Breakdown 3 - T
Mat Exercise Breakdown 4 - S
Mat Exercise Breakdown 5 - N
Mat Exercise Breakdown 6 - N
Mat Exercise Breakdown 7 -
Mat Exercise Breakdown 8 - T
Mat Exercise Breakdown 9 - T


I loved this.the work is always in the details!
GREAT. This is exactly what I need. I think these videos is where I plan to stay for a while. Plus have as reference for later.
Working on a demo class now for next week..thanks so much for this!

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