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Reformer Workouts

Advance Your Reformer Practice

Move from an intermediate practitioner to an advanced practitioner with these Reformer classes designed by Benjamin Degenhardt to take you to the next level.


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Great class, fabulous Instructor...looking forward to #5....
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Brilliant teacher
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All very good!
Anabel D
I need to strech the sides of my thighs with the Pigeon Posture for example in order to fix an inmbalance on the right side hip due to sciatica. Which program can i do?
Anabel ~ Thank you for your comment. I would recommend the "Feel the Length" Program along with Meredith's Self-Care Reformer and Restorative Reformer Classes. You might also enjoy Neidra's "Unravel Your Body" Challenge, which uses various props to release built up tension in the body. Enjoy!

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