High Five

It's your time to shine! Join Courtney Miller in her 5-Day Mat Pilates challenge, High Five. These 30-minute classes work on improving strength, cardio, endurance, and length. She incorporates Pilates principles and bodyweight conditioning to give you a whole-body workout that will leave you feeling energized and strong. Let's get started!


Trish F
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Will the class be available for the whole day on the 26th December or will it be listed at a specific time?
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Courtney I can’t wait!!!! 
looking forward!
Gotta work all those Christmas treats off!
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She's the best!!! I really waited for more classes of her :D
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Hi Trish F! It will be posted on the 26th and will remain available all day the 26th and beyond (presumably forever!).
Wow! That was fun. I think I burned some of those Latkes off! Thanks Courtney! 
Melissa C
Yes! Something to look forward to this slow week!! 
I was counting down the days to this! Very much needed after all the holiday indulgences!
Feeling good! Thank you!
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