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Follow a Program or choose a Challenge to jumpstart your home Pilates practice.

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We have a wide variety of beginner classes designed to meet you exactly where you are.

Pilates for Everyone

Pilates shouldn't be painful for beginners. Don't be afraid to use modifications offered for the exercises. Listen to your body and if something feels wrong to you or too much for you on any given day, modify or skip that exercise.

34 Mat Exercises with Benjamin Degenhardt

Benjamin Degenhardt breaks down all 34 exercises from the original sequence outlined by Return to Life, written by Joseph Pilates. Because there are so many variations of these exercises, this will help you understand the work deeper in your body so you will know how to make adjustments for yourself.

What Our Members Say

Leonie Fancourt Image
Leonie Fancourt
Perth, Australia
It is so inspiring and amazing to have access to such a variety of styles and instructors. Thank you for from the bottom of my heart for this fabulous site!!!
Sara Abu Sha'ar Image
Sara Abu Sha'ar
Dubai, UAE
I found Pilates Anytime and asked my Pilates instructors about it. They encouraged me to join and told me how good the classes and instructors are on the site. So I gave it a shot and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I started with the beginner series with Monica. It was the perfect thing to start with for me because it's easy, slow, and so informative. Then when I started to feel stronger, I started to do intermediate classes and challenges.
Paraskevi Melisi Image
Paraskevi Melisi
Sikinos Island, Greece
Pilates Anytime is a serious, vast, professional website with the widest range of teachers, courses, and practices to meet the needs of every single one of us, no matter the level, the age, the time, the way of life.

Meet Some of Your Teachers

Our 180 teachers are here to guide and support you every step of the way. Be sure to participate in the forums and let us know how your practice is progressing!

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Karen Sanzo

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Alan Herdman

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Erika Quest

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Amy Havens

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Brent Anderson

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Monica Wilson

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